Snowmobile Museum at Arctic Circle

On 7th of February of 2014, just 2,5 months ago, the Santa’s House of Snowmobiles opened its doors. The Santa’s House of Snowmobiles can’t be in better location, at the Santa Claus Village in Arctic Circle, in Rovaniemi.

Can it be a better place than Rovaniemi for a museum of this kind of machines?

It is in Lapland, a place where the snowmobile is used for sport, recreation and work for many months  (easly from mid November to mid April); and it is in Rovaniemi, where BRP Scandinavia and Lynx factory is located. Bombardier Recreational Produts (BRP) is one of the largest manufactures of snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles in the world.

History of the snowmobiling - Santa's House of Snowmobiles

History of the snowmobiling – Picture from Santa’s House of Snowmobiles

Exhibition: Five Decades of Snowmobiling

Visit the exhibition Five Decades of Snowmobiling at Santa’s House of Snowmobiles and discover the evolution of these machines through all this time. As in any other fields of engineering (or actually anything in our lives) there have been huges changes and technological evulutions since the 1960s.

Harley-Davidson Snowmobile

Did you know that at some point Harley-Davidson manufactured its own snowmobile

In the exhibition we will learn about all these changes, and how they have affected not only the snowmobiles, but anything around them: clothing, equipment, etc. And how snowmobiling has affected the life of the inhabitants of Lapland and Arctic areas of the World.

This exhibition will be open to public until next May 2015, when the theme will change.

Opening hours of the Santa House of Snowmobiles

The winter season is over and at this moment the Santa’s House of Snowmobiles is closed, but it will open its doors again on the 2nd of June 2014, and it will be open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

In October it will be closed again waiting for the next winter season, and most probably (pending of confirmation) will be open again in November 2014 until mid April 2015.

Entrance fee

Adults: 6 €
Children 10–16 yrs: 4 € (Children under 10 years old for free)

Family: 12 €
Students: 4 €
Senior citizens: 4 €Group ticket (over 10 persons): 4 €/personIf the group is larger than 20 persons, they will get a free guided tour. Otherwise, the price for a guided tour is 40 €.To get the latest information about the opening hours and prices, you can visit the official page of the museum.

Location of the Santa’s House of Snowmobiles

Video of the opening day of Santa’s House of Snowmobiling

If you want to see some classic video about a snowmobiling trip in 1980s crossing Finland from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, do not miss the next one!

Other snowmobile museums in the world

There are other snowmobile museums in the world. Do you want to check them?

Kemijärvi, Finland – Still in Lapland you can find the Kemijärvi Snowmobile Museum, but it only on open on request bases.

Michigan, United States –  Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum.

New Hampshire, United States –  NH Snowmobile Museum.

New Hampshire, United States –  Crane’s Snowmobile Museum

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Have you visited the Santa’s House of Snowmobiles? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments of this post.

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