Snow situation in Lapland

It’s been very busy in Lapland Safaris these last weeks preparing all the snowmobiles, the equipment, and the venues for the imminet arrival of the first guests to Lapland. As a matter of fact, we’ve had already some, specially in Saariselkä, where the snow comes always earlier than in other destinations in Lapland. There, we started our snowmobile safaris already couple of weeks ago.

First snowmobile ride in saariselka this season (12.11.2014

Test ride in Saariselkä on 12th of Nov. Checking the tracks for the snowmobile safaris. Looking good!

We’ve been in contact with the Destination and Area Managers of Lapland Safaris to get the latest information about the snow situation in the different places in Lapland and we are happy to say that we have good news!

Snow situation in Levi and Ylläs


“Western Lapland looks super! In Levi and in Ylläs we have approx. 20cm of snow and 40cm of ice on lakes. We will start to operate programs normally starting on 1st of December 2014”. -Janne Alaniska, Area Manager for Western Lapland.

Snow situation in Saariselkä

mika-harri-lapland-safaris“Saariselkä is open with all the activities, and it has been already for a while. We do skiing, snowmobiling, husky excursion, reindeers… all activities are ok! We have approx. 30 cm of snow, and the ice layer on the lakes is approx. 35 cm. We can say that real winter is here. We are ready, welcome to Saariselkä!”-Mika Harri, Area Manager for Saariselkä


Cabin in the wilderness in Saariselkä area.

Cabin in the wilderness in Saariselkä area.

Snow situation in Rovaniemi

jyrki-karonen-lapland-safaris“We have gotten some snow in Rovaniemi, and the forest is already covered with a snow layer. In Lapland Safaris we’ve been working hard making some artificial snow in order to make sure that we can operate our activities starting on 1st of December. At this moment I could say that we will be able to operate most of our activities, except the long In the heart of the nature safari. Anyway, the weather forecast promises snowfalls next Tuesday and Wednesday, so situation might still be better. From Lapland Safaris will do our best so that you have a wonderful experience! Welcome to Rovaniemi!” -Jyrki Karonen, Destination Manager for Rovaniemi and Luosto.

Snow situation in Luosto

“In Luosto we have approx. 10cm of beautiful white snow, and the snow covered magical trees, The lakes are frozen with 25cm of ice, perfect for ice fishing! Our programs will start on 1st of December, and it seems that we will be operating them quite normally. Yesterday Pete was out checking the tracks by snowmobile, and today our guides have been driving around and looked good!” –Päivi Sukuvaara, Sales Executive at Luosto office.

Snowmobiling in Luosto, Lapland, Finland

Snowmobile test ride in Luosto, Lapland (28.11.2014)

The Snow Village is getting ready too!

Janne wanted to remind us that the Snow Village will open on 10th of December 2014 for the public. At this moment the site is under constrction, building not only the rooms, but also the ice-sculptures and the decoration.

Work in progress: ice sculpture in Lainio Snow Village.

Work in progress: ice sculpture in Lainio Snow Village.

Author: Julián Amorrich

A Spanish happily living in Lapland for the last 14 years. Passionate about Finland and her nature. Working in tourism, at Lapland Safaris, running on the forest no matter the weather, writing at and

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  1. Buenas Julian,
    Quisieramos acudir a Laponia filandesa en semana santa (2 de abril hasta 5de abril) en busca de nieve para realizar actividades con vuestra compañia. Habíamos pensado ir a Rovaniemi por la comunicación perfecta con los vuelos desde España pero la verdad no nos importarla ir a otro destino en busca de nieve. Que nos aconsejais??tendremos nieve para estas fechas?

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    • Hola Patricia,
      La verdad que este año Semana Santa cae muy bien, y en principio no debería de haber problemas de nieve. Te diría de todos modos, y si quieres asegurarte una situación mejor, que viajes a Saarirselkä. Es un destino precioso accesible desde el aeropuerto de Ivalo. Desde allí podrás coger un bus (salen con la llegada de cada vuelo) hacia Saariselkä. El traslado es de apenas 30 min.

      Saludos y bienvenidos!

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  2. staying at gregory A cabin ,feb 2016 how far is your safari office. many thanks Sandra

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  3. Hi I’m Chris and Anna my wife, we’re planning to visit Lapland in the comming months infact hopefully it’ll be from the 9th December till the 16th at the Hotel Club Saariselka, since it is going to be our first time at Lapland and not knowing what are we going to find and what to do, we hope for someone to give us some hints please on the werabouts on what to do where and when (like an itenary) for the 7 day visit.
    We thank you in anticipation for your time whilst looking forward for the visit.

    Yours Truly

    Chris and Anna

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    • Hi Chris and Anna,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to Saariselkä! I’d recommend you to try at least the Trilogy of the activities in Lapland: snowmobiling, reindeer sledge ride and husky sledge ride. On the top of this, try do also a northern light related activity where you’ll be taken to a remote place, so in case the sky is clear that night you’ll have some chances to enjoy the aurora borealis dancing in the sky… and if you are not lucky enough, just enjoy the silence of the Lappish forest during the night time.

      You can have a look of the activities arranged those dates in this link, and you’ll be able to book also directly from there. Just keep in mind that December is high season, and some activities, specially the ones involving animals, get fully book before the season starts. So I’d recommend you to book them in advance as soon as you have a clear idea of what you want to do :)

      If you book at least three activities, you’ll be able to keep the thermal equipment for your whole stay with no extra charge.

      If you have more questions, we will be happy to help!

      Lapland Safaris Team

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