Rimpparemmi: Finland’s Northernmost Professional Dance Theatre

Among all its other cultural attractions, the city of Rovaniemi is also home for Finland’s northernmost dance theatre, Rimpparemmi. This ensemble of professional dancers and musicians performs dance theatre pieces that combine Finnish folk dance and contemporary dance in a unique mix. Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi is a locally remarkable professional theatre that tours around Finland, including even the northernmost parts of Lapland. As nonverbal language of dance is understood everywhere, Rimpparemmi’s performances touch, appeal to and entertain audiences from all over the world.

YOLO – You Only Live Once

You only live once, Rimpparemmi

You only live once, Rimpparemmi

We at Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi are currently working on several pieces. Spring is a busy season for us as we perform, rehearse and prepare for a tour in Lapland. In February, we had a premiere of our newest dance theatre production, YOLO – You Only Live Once. Its performances in Rovaniemi lasted until mid-March. YOLO is about incidents young people encounter as they dream of what life has to offer and deal with the anxieties of growing up.  Young audiences can easily relate to this imaginative and multi-faceted performance. In May, YOLO will be performed on tour in Lapland.

Rimpparemmi, Yolo performance in Rovaniemi

Rimpparemmi, Yolo performance in Rovaniemi

Ankkalampi (Duck Lake)

For our tour in Lapland, we are also rehearsing Ankkalampi (Duck Lake), a dance theatre performance for children that is loosely based on the story of Ugly Duckling. Choreographer Riku Immonen created the piece for dance theatre Rimpparemmi in 2009, and it is coming back to our repertoire this spring. It has been almost three years since Duck Lake was last performed, and it is a lot of fun bringing the piece and its lively characters back to life.

Rimpparemmi Dance Theatre

Rimpparemmi Dance Theatre (photography: Eeva Vanhanen)

Herd – In Arctic Paradise

Our next, all-new production Herd – In Arctic Paradise will premiere in Rovaniemi in October 2014. We are already hard at work preparing this performance by Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi’s Artistic Director, choreographer Matti Paloniemi. Herd – In Arctic Paradise draws inspiration from nature and people of Lapland. Even though the performance is still a work in process, it is shaping up to be a spectacle of strongly physical dance and powerful music that offers surprising perspectives on the arctic lifestyle and its side effects.

Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi hopes to offer unforgettable cultural experiences to everyone visiting the city of Rovaniemi. You can visit Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi’s website, to find out more about our repertoire and performance dates.

Author: Anni Pilhjärta

Dancer currently living and working in Rovaniemi. Deeply interested in culture in all its forms. Loves travelling, sunlit summer nights and the fact that she can sometimes see aurora borealis just outside her home

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