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Holidays are over, we are back in business! Trainings for new dance theatre shows are on. Here at the office we create materials for promoting and spread the word about the becoming shows and possibilities we have to bring joy to everyone’s life.

Rimpparemmi has created a new way of bringing music and dance to all events. Pop-up show is based on surprise. Imagine the magic how your dinner turns into a dance show. Your waiter starts to sing or some of the guests stand up and start to dance. You hear violin and accordion and the show is on. With you being a part of it. Guided by Rimpparemmi.

Rimpparemmi Pop-Up, Rovaniemi, Lapland (1)

Rimpparemmi Pop-Up will surprise your guests

Rimpparemmi Pop-Up, Rovaniemi, Lapland (3)

Everybody dance!

Pop-up is a form of a performance that shows that anyone of us could be the dancer, the singer or the musician. The dancers and musicians are among the guests or staff and start the show one by one; one starts with accordion, with violin, with singing, with dancing or drumming. Slowly the guests realize that they are presenting a unique folk dance show tailor made for the event. The person you just spoke with is now dancing and singing there. The guests will also be part of the show by making music and dancing or singing together with the dancers. This is an interactive experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Rimpparemmi Pop-up from Tanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi on Vimeo.

The costumes are customized for this form. They are influenced by tradition in Lappish as well as in the national costumes around Finland. They are also following to the dress code of the event.

Pop-up has been shown to SITE Finland members on a dinner in Rovaniemi. It was a complete surprise and made people happy and enjoy them selves. We have been modifying the show to meet the expectations and create contents that satisfy and show the best of culture we represent. We also went to the get together party of Somet14EU in Rovaniemi. As the participants did not know each other yet this was a very nice way to get people doing something together and getting to know everyone. The video is from this event.

Pop-up does not need a lot of space. It is happening among the audience. In case the area available is very limited, pop-up can be adjusted to be mainly about music and less dance. There are many possibilities in Finnish music or in international classics as well. What would you wish for your event? We are open to all ideas and willing to make your event an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience that your guests will treasure in their hearts. It is unbelievable what music and dance can do to bring people together. Now it is the time to give it a try, isn’t it?

Author: Kati Nivala

Sales Supervisor at Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi. I have a long history in travel business. I have also had culture as a hobby throughout my life. For years it has been my passion to combine culture and travel business. I know there are mutual interests that benefit both sides. Culture creates new contents to events adding the value in a way that cannot be copied anywhere.

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