Results from the survey about activities in Lapland

A month ago we, in Lapland Safaris, released a survey in Facebook asking the people who already visited Lapland in winter time about their experience. The survey was short and easy, with only four questions to be answered.

  1. Which destination did you visit?
  2. What was your favourite activity?
  3. Anything that you expected to be better?
  4. Anything that you missed from our production?

This is not the first time we’ve done a survey, and as a matter of fact, we make them right after all our activities, and we follow up very closely what people say about us in the social media, specially in Facebook and Trip Advisor. We want to know how to improve our services, and how to innovate and create new products.

This time we had more than 100 surveys answered, and after analyzing the information, here are the results:

Which destination did you visit?

This question had multiple choices, and some people visited more than one destination.

53% of participants visit Rovaniemi,

15% Saariselkä,

7% Ylläs,

4% Luosto,

and 5% other destinations in Lapland.

What was your favourite activity?

As the question before, this one had also multiple choices.

51% snowmobile related activities

42% husky related activities

29% northern lights related activities

18% reindeer related activities

18% Santa Claus related activities

Snowmobiling in Lapland

Snowmobiling related activities are the ones prefered by the visitors to Lapland in winter time

Anything that you expected to be better?

This was an open question, and people wrote freely about their thoughts. Here I have to say that we got a very good surprise from the respondents. We try to collect ideas to improve our services, but 70% of the answers were something like ‘everything was a great experience’, ‘all great, loved every aspect of it’, ‘nothing, fantastic experience’, ‘nothing, all fab!, ‘all brilliant’, ‘staff were so kind and friendly, nothing to say’.

Then we got some comments about issues that which we can’t really change, such ‘nothing, only the weather’, ‘only to see northern lights’, ‘well – make it northern light-possible all year around…I was there in june :-)’, ‘sadly we didn’t see the Northen Lights’.

Changes and suggestions for the future?

  1. Not to have children during the snowmobile tours.  – Maybe we should think about an adult departure.
  2. More toilets. – This might be difficult, since our tours run on the wilderness… Anyway, normally in most of them you will reach a toilet within 1 or max.2h,
  3. Having 5 to 6 reindeer pulling a reindeer sledge. –  Well, the truth is that each sledge is pulled by one reindeer since the very old times :)
  4. Nicer clothes for the activities. Or more varieties.
  5. Less waiting before the husky safari. – We always try to avoid these situations, but in the high season sometimes it is not easy. Anyway, note taken!
  6. Restaurants serving typical Finnish food on offer: in Rovaniemi most of the hotels serve traditional food, but when it is about restaurants, not all. The respondants said they found only two restaurants serving typical finnish food. This is a good point.
  7. Make shorter tours if the temperature drops down a lot. –  We actually do… but it has to be very cold. What we try is to communicate very well during the dress up that clients need to be extremly well dressed some days.
  8. Longer trips. – The longest trips we have are up to 6h. Maybe we should think about even longer ones…. We have anyway several days trips by snowmobiles.
old picture sami reindeer

Reindeer pulling a sldege in the good old times.

What is missing from our production?

Again, many answered that there are no problems, but let’s be focus on the new ideas:

  1. Possibility to rent a GoPro camera to film the experience: we are actually testing this as a product since a year ago, and most probably we will have some in use already for this season. Great idea!
  2. Safari to North Pole: ehem…. I think this won’t be in our production (at least not in the near future :) Instead you can check our long safari departures by snowmobile. You can enjoy up to 5 days adventures by snowmobile.
  3. Going faster with the snowmobile: ehem (again)…. by law and specially for security reason, we can’t go faster.
  4. Make a small planetarium to see the northern lights if they don’t come: In Saariselkä we actually have an igloo where we project a video of northern lights during the “Search for Northern Lights” activities. In Lainio Snow Village, near Levi and Ylläs, we will have a northern light video show for this coming season. In Rovaniemi, you can visit the Arktikum museum and enjoy their video of the northern lights.

There were many others ideas which have been passed on to our production department. I’m sure they will come up with new things.

And the winner is…

As we mentioned on the post, we made a draw to see who of the participants won a hoody from Lapland Safaris… And the winner is:

Kevin Brice, from Scarborough (United Kingdom)

Congratulations, Kevin! And thank you all for helping us and giving us feedback and ideas!

Author: Julián Amorrich

A Spanish happily living in Lapland for the last 14 years. Passionate about Finland and her nature. Working in tourism, at Lapland Safaris, running on the forest no matter the weather, writing at and

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