Meet the team: Tiina Ronkainen

Full name: Tiina Ronkainen

Nickname: Titine

Position: Sales executive

Working in Lapland Safaris since: 2012

  1. Where are you from? (and in case you are not from Lapland, How did you end up in Lapland?

I am original from Rovaniemi, “true Lappish girl”. I have lived also couple of years in central-Finland and in Spain when I was studying tourism.

  1. How long have you been working for Lapland Safaris? Have you been already working in that position? How did you started? Tell us something about your work, what have you done and what do you do?

On 2010 I started working in Wild North as front desk representative and as sales representative. On June 2012 when Wild North was merged to Lapland Safaris I returned back to front desk for two years and besides the daily customer service tasks I took care of one our biggest Italian charter clients. On autumn 2014 I returned back to sales department and nowadays I take care of our Holiday Packages all over the Lapland. I also work with many incentive and leisure groups. One of my “babies” is the Christmas group who comes every year from Australia. I am also currently part of the project which is developing wellness travel in Lapland together with Visit Finland.

  1. From all the activities offered by Lapland Safaris, what is your favorite and why?

I like winter and winter activities, but even I am originally from Lapland, I do not like so much cold weather. 😀  Only because my toes and fingers get frozen easily. 😀 But I love Lappish summer! I love hiking in the forest and spending time outdoors. Did you know that during summer with us (Lapland Safaris) you can hike in forest with huskies, pick up berries, mushrooms and wild herbs and enjoy the wellness of Lappish nature! During summer there is so many opportunities (that people do not even know) to get known with Lapland and Lappish way of life!


Tiina Ronkainen, Titine. Sales executive from Lapland safaris in Rovaniemi

  1. What is your favorite time to visit Lapland and why?

Summertime of course! Sun, flora & fauna, night less night, evenings at our cottage, sauna and swimming in lake or river etc… There are so many reasons why summer is so nice time to visit Lapland. I could continue the list endlessly..

  1. What do you do in your free time?

I like to different kind of sports. Skiing, swimming, gym, yoga… I also like just to spend free time at home and at our summer cottage. Nothing is better than just a lazy Sunday mornings; cup of good coffee and purring cat on my lap.


Author: Carlos Gómez

Young native from Spain who began his adventure in Lapland 2014. Marketing and Marketing research graduated and working as Digital Marketing Assistant at Lapland Safaris (Rovaniemi). Enjoying this atmosphere and nature!

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