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Lapland Safaris’ web pages are a great source of information for those who are coming to visit Lapland. From them you will find a lot of useful information to prepare your trip to the Northerntmost part of Europe.

The webshop of Lapland Safaris has been the most succesful webshop when it comes to activities for the whole Lapland since we did the first renovation. In 2012 we renewed the site, after doing a deep user usability research, identifiying all the problems that the users faced during the booking process. The changes were extremely fruitful, but we discovered also new ways to improve it thanks to a deep analysis of the site use, and thanks to the invaluable feedback of our guests.

Now, three years later, using our knowledge of Service Design processes in Lapland Safaris, we are ready to present a new version of our web.

Tomorrow will launch another new site, where the layout has been drastically changed. The information display is clean and clear, and we have put bigger pictures on the site in order to the user to enjoy Lapland already before the trip.


New site of Lapland Safaris across diffenrent devices

Our mobile and tablet traffic, like in any other site of the Internet, has increased a lot and will increase in the future. Therefore, we finally have a new site which is easy to use in any platform: desktop, mobile and tablets.

And we don’t mean only the navigation, but also the whole booking proccess. In the last year, 30% of the online reservations we got, came through mobile traffic. I’d like to give an applause to all those who were patient enough to do it… it was not easy! but now, hopefully, it will be.

The whole experience in our site is now more friendly, and we have included a new character who will appear in different pages. It is our friend Poro the reindeer. He will help you to search the best activities, he appears in your shopping cart (on the desktop version), he will thank you for booking, and he will apologize and be frustrated if he can’t find the page you where looking for.

Poro, the reindeer who will be while you surf Lapland Safaris new site

Poro, the reindeer who will be while you surf Lapland Safaris new site

The functionality of the site has been checked carefully, but we know that once we release it, there will be new things to correct. And later more and more… and we will improve it again :)

So remember, tomorrow 16th of April in the morning we will release our new site, which is a good reason to celebrate! If you want to spend some time surfing on it, and you find something to correct, let us know and we will be happy to fix it!

Author: Julián Amorrich

A Spanish happily living in Lapland for the last 14 years. Passionate about Finland and her nature. Working in tourism, at Lapland Safaris, running on the forest no matter the weather, writing at and

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