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In Lapland Safaris we are constantly thinking in new ways to serve better our guests in Lapland. Our goal is not only to provide the best experiences ever to our clients once they are in Lapland, but we want to bring them our activities there where they are, to be able to start planning and dreaming of their trip much before this starts.

Download it from AppStore.

With this in mind we were thinking and studying different possibilities, and ended up buying what we thought that it is the best trip planner application for Lapland: Lapland Guide, developed by Via North in Rovaniemi.

Lapland Guide for iPhone

Lapland Guide is an app developed for iPhones running iOS6 or newer versions. The app runs well in iPads too, just remember to search in the AppStore for applications for iPhone and there you’ll find it.

Once you install it and open it for the first time, it takes a while before the app loads all the information. This will take time just for the first loading, and next time you use it will synchronize only the changes (if any) that has been applied in the app.

What will you find in Lapland Guide?

Lapland Guide is a trip planner where you will find not only the activities of Lapland Safaris, but a lot of information from the different destinations where we have office:

  • Rovaniemi
  • Saariselkä
  • Luosto
  • Levi
  • Ylläs


From each destination you will find the following information:

  • Destination in brief
  • Hotels
  • Lapland Safaris activities
  • Restaurants

My Trip: add your favorite activities to plan your trip

You can add any item (activities, hotels, restaurants) to my MyTrip, and you will find them later at any time by pressing MyTrip button. So you will have access to those things that you checked, liked and don’t want to miss.

Calculate the price of the activities and book them

Calculate the price for the activities (this feature is only working for the activities), it is easy and fast with the app. Just touch the icon with the two guys in the right upper corner, and write how many people is coming with you to the trip (adults, children and infants). From that moment, every time you check an activity, you will be able to see the exact price of it.


To book the activity, just press the button ‘Book this activity’ that you will find in all the activity screens and you will be redirected to our online shop.

Don’t get lost

In the app you’ll find a map where it will show you where our office is located, and where all the hotels and restaurants are located too. And once you are in the destination, it will show your position as well, so you will easily move around the different destinations.

Download the app

You can download this app in your iPhone or iPad from from the AppStore. Check the link:

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