In the Arctic Night by snowmobiles

The Northern Lights is a show that must be seen at least once in life and Lapland is one of the places where it is possible to sight it.

We are going to conquer the arctic sky with the snowmobile excursion “Lapland Safaris”. This trip allowed us to get out of Rovaniemi, delving into the birch woods and get into dark places where you can admire the “Green Lady” and her dancing.

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Driving a snowmobile is a little ‘how to ride a motorcycle. But with a bit of adventure more. At the beginning of the tour, the guide gave us a brief driving lesson, with signals to follow, how to try and panache that you need that taste better the immense spectacle of nature.

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Whether you are with, like we were, technical apparel or less, “Lapland Safaris” think of all and everything. Before each activity equips participants padded suits, thermal socks and shoes, gloves and scarves, balaclavas, masks and helmets.

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Our tour started from the frozen river that passes under the famous bridge in Rovaniemi and continues into the woods, including birch trees and snow-covered trees. After a while ‘walk, even at high speeds, dipped in the arctic cold and white you get to a clearing where there are curtains in the manner of Suomi where you drink hot cranberry juice and cooking meat on the grill waiting for the “Green Lady”.

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The Vikings believed that the Northern Lights were the product glitter from armor of the Valkyries, warrior maidens. In fact, it is a phenomenon caused by thousands of photons discharges that are released into the air, tinged the horizon of green and yellow, with intense shades of red, blue and purple. And we, thanks to “Lapland Safaris” in a memorable and magical night, we experienced the excitement of seeing the wonderful colors tinged sky.

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