The hero of an ordinary day

Ilari Sirkka, from Lapland Safaris, saved the a private boater during his river boat cruise

Department of Lapland emergency services gave today the award called “Plakettikilpi” as honour to our guide Ilari Sirkka. The award was given because of deserving action while rescuing a boater of a private boat. Fellows of the private boat boater expressed as well their gratitude to Ilari and told that the boater is now getting better.

Ilari Sirkka and the Chief of Rescue Department of Lapland

Ilari Sirkka and Sakari Pyhäjärvi, the fireman from the water rescue brigade

The award “Plakettikilpi” has been given only four times in history of emergency services department of Lapland and Ilari is now second citizen of Rovaniemi how has deserved this sing!

On Friday 6th of June our guide Ilari Sirkka was on regular riverboat cruise and during the cruise he noticed a private boater in trouble. Boater had got stucked to his boat’s propeller and was sinking under the water.

Ilari managed to loosen boater from the propeller and kept boater afloat until the firefighters of the water rescue brigade reached them. Beside of rescuing Ilari was able to pilot drifting boats in flowting river without hitting the nearby bridge.

Congratulations Ilari – The hero of the ordinary day in life!

Author: Julián Amorrich

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