How to enjoy Rovaniemi like a youngster

About the author of this post: I’m Anette Peltola and I’m studying in Rovaniemi in the University of Applied Sciences. I’m studying tourism in the international group and I’m from Finland. This is my second study year and I love Rovaniemi as a place to study and live. I’m from a small town from the west coast of Finland and Rovaniemi is perfect for me because it’s not too big of a city.

When you are a youngster, what can you exactly do here in Rovaniemi? If you like bars and clubs, Rovaniemi is a perfect place for you. We have many bars that all have a different atmosphere. CafeBar21 is a trendy place where young people like to go for drinks, coffee or lunch. It is located right in the city center and its beautiful design draws you in. It offers you fresh salads and tasty waffles during the day, and hand made cocktails during the night.

Cafe 21, a trendy place to visit. (Picture source: Anette Peltola)

Cafe 21, a trendy place to visit. (Picture source: Cafe21)

Other very interesting bars in Rovaniemi are, for example, Cafe and Bar Zoomit where you can play billiards or play board games, or just watch ice hockey on TV. If you like karaoke, then Nightclub Life and Karaoke Bar is the place for you. Karaoke is traditional Finnish way to spend your evening at a bar. Finnish people are shy at first, but when they have had a few drinks they become party animals and loosen up


Everyone loves food. There are plenty of different restaurants to choose from-expensive to less expensive. For example, Aitta Deli and Dine is a wonderful place to go if you like organic food. This deli offers food only from nearby cities and from Rovaniemi, and all of the food is produced around here as well. It also offers delicious wines and coffee, and also Finnish beer. They use Finnish herbs and berries in their food, such as blueberries and lingonberries, and all the meat and fish is produced in the Arctic. This restaurant is more on the expensive side for tourists who like to eat in a romantic setting and indulge on food. But Rovaniemi has some restaurants for tourists in their twenties who don’t like to spend all their money on food and eating out. For example, we have the typical fast food chain restaurants here in Rovaniemi as well. McDonalds, Subway, Finnish pizzeria chain KotiPizza and Finnish burger chain Hesburger. If you are travelling on a budget, these places are affordable. But if you want more traditional home cooked food, then I would suggest you to get food from the typical Finnish supermarket, such as, K-Supermarket where they sell ready cooked meals, such as, meatballs and mashed potatoes.


As a tourist, you should definitely visit the Santa Claus Village. There you can shop traditional Finnish souvenirs, such as Finnish chocolate, and of course, visit Santa Claus Office and see elves. Santapark is a big sight in Rovaniemi and it’s not only for families with children. Santapark can be a good experience for people in their twenties as well because in Santapark you can experience the Christmas feeling while enjoying a bottle of champagne. Tourists in their twenties can also experience different safaris, such as, Northern Lights safaris, husky tours and ice fishing. If you like to go to the movies, then you should definitely visit BioRex movie theatre in Rovaniemi. In Finland, we don’t dub movies, instead we have Finnish subtitles in them so you can definitely understand everything. The normal price for a movie ticket is around 13 euros.

Hope this helps you to enjoy your trip to Rovaniemi!

Christmas peace. (Picture source: Anette Peltola)

Christmas peace. (Picture source: Anette Peltola)

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