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Soon this season the building process of the Snow Village in Lainio will start. It will be its 14th season of this snow and ice resort, which includes a snow-hotel, ice-restaurant and ice-chappel where every year some couples from around the planet decide to celebrate the coolest wedding ever. Hundreds of people enjoy a night in its confortable beds in a room made of ice, or enjoy a tasty dinner in a cool atmosphere.

Snow Village has also exported its know-how to other countries, building igloos and snow hotels in Norway and in Canada.

Snowhotel corridor

Snowhotel corridor – Lainio Snow Village 2013

We bring you here some intereseting facts:

2001-2002 to Ylläsjärvi. It was surrounded by hundreds of meters of snow wall. There were 6 Snow Hotel rooms, small Ice bar dome, Snow stage dome and big Snow Maze. The First year we had only 1 overnight guest.

In 2002-2003 Snow Village moved to Lainio. The underground sauna and emergency room –building was built because of the raised overnight stays. A first foreign wedding was held in wooden chapel at Christmas 2003.

2004-2005 First 16m igloo was built to Lainio. It was the world’s biggest igloo made from snow. Inside height was 10 meters. It weighted about 4 million kilos.

2005-2006 First igloo was built by Snow Village and outside from Lainio to Kirkenes, Norway.

Ice Logo - Snow Village Lainio 2010

Ice Logo – Snow Village Lainio 2010

2006-2007 First Norway Snow hotel was built in Kirkenes.

2007-2009 Norway had two snow hotels to build: Bjorli and Kirkenes.

2009-2010 First weddings in Ice Chapel was held.

2011-2012 In summer 2011 Snow Village build the new reception –building attached to Log house restaurant. Same year Snow Village build also the first snow buildings to Canada, Montreal.

Ice Chapel - Snow Village Lainio 2010

Ice Chapel – Snow Village Lainio 2010

Snow Village 2013-2014

Ice Restaurant - Snow Village Lainio 2013

Ice Restaurant – Snow Village Lainio 2013

  • 13th Snow Village was built
  • 27 500 m3 snow (artificial, made by snow cannons)
  • 300 000 kg ice
  • 28 rooms (6 Suites -for 2 persons, 2 suites for 4, 3 twins and 17 DBL-rooms)
  • 180 seat Ice-restaurant
  • Ice Bar
  • Ice Chapel (50 seats)
  • Ice slide
  • Ice sculpting hall
  • 16m Ice igloo for different events (took 300 000 litres of water to make it)
  • Area under snow buildings = 4369 m2
  • This season around 30 000-40 000 visitors, 2500 overnights, 60 weddings
  • Season starts 1.12.2013, and ends in the middle of April.

  Snow Village 2014-2015

  • 14th Snow Village
  • 30 000 m3 snow (artificial, made by snow cannons)
  • 350 000 kg ice
  • 28 rooms (6 Suites -for 2 persons, 2 suites for 4, 3 twins and 17 DBL-rooms)
  • 120 seat Ice-restaurant in 16m snow dome
  • Ice Bar
  • Ice Chapel (50 seats)
  • Ice slide
  • Ice sculpting hall
  • Area under snow buildings around 4500 m2
  • Season starts 1.12.2014, and ends in the middle of April.

Building of the Snow Village

  • Building season starts in November. Last year it was 14.11. – 1.12.2013.
  • In building participates 15-20 ice sculptors and ice builders, 15-20 snow builders, 2-3 electricians, 4 tractors and loaders, 1 excavator, 2 mini loaders
  • Ice harvesting is in March and ice blocks are kept in cold containers through the summer. Some more ice is taken also in the end of November.
  • First the Snow is produced to field in one big pile by snow cannons. Then some igloo molds are put in place and loader starts to bring the snow closer and tractor with snow blower moves the snow on top of the mold. When igloo is ready, mold is taken down and out from the door. After this machines and workers moves to next place and ice builders and electricians comes to this igloo to start their work. Finally the ice sculptors will finish the igloo. In this order different snow buildings will finish and everything will be ready in three to four weeks.
  • In reception there is running video of snow building that shows the whole story of the building of Snow Village

Some other Facts

  • Natural snow can weight from 50 – 200 kg / m3
  • Artificial snow weights 400-800 kg/m3
  • Ice weights 920 kg / m3
  • All building material is coming from Lainio river about 200 m from Snow Village. (Water is pumped to the snow cannons and Ice is harvested by big chain saws from the river.) The first harvesting period is in March and the ice blocks are kept in containers over summer and used in November. Everything is also going back to the river between May and July. 

Snow Hotel overnight experience – How do I survive?

  • The price includes: guided tour with sleeping instructions, room from 22-09, sleeping bag, fleece inner bag, access to warm building with toilets, showers, emergency rooms, and in the morning guide comes to wake up with warm berry juice, which is followed by breakfast in log restaurant. Best clothing is just long underwear, socks and maybe hat when people go to sleep in the sleeping bag.
  • Room temperature is between 0 to –5 Celsius degrees.
  • Overalls is good to place under the sleeping and extra clothes in the end of sleeping bag to keep them warm in case you need to visit toilet during the night

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