Become a musher with your own husky team

Video made by Robin, from the German blog  who was visiting Lapland few months ago.
Would you imagine yourself driving your own husky team through the snowy forest in Lapland? You will be able to enjoy this activity from the beginning of December to the beginning of April, sometimes even earlier depending on the winter.

The Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a ride in a sled pulled by a husky team. The north latitude guarantee snow from mid November to mid April, which is a must to ride and enjoy. Well, at least to enjoy… but these powerful dogs can pull the sledges even with no snow (check the pictures from the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog this year in Alaska), although we don’t want this for our happy friends.

Where would you drive your sled?

In Lapland you can choose to which destination you would like to go depending if you want to discover the fells, visit Santa Claus, and Amethyst mine or combine your visit with some downhill skiing in the some of the best ski resort in Finland. As said, this is your decision: Travel to Rovaniemi, Luosto, Levi, Ylläs, Saariselkä to become a musher and lead your own team of dogs.

How to handle the husky sled

Once there, you will get all the equipment needed (overall, gloves, boots, etc) and be taken to a local husky farm. At the farm you will get an introduction on how to handle the sled and the huskies. You will normally travel two persons per sled: one sitting and the other one standing behind and controlling the sledge. If you travel with children, depending on the husky farm, they will travel on the sled with the parents or in a bigger sled driven by a professional musher.

After understanding the safety instruction to break, turn and move on the sled, your safari will start and you will drive the sled though the wintry landscape of Lapland, crossing the snowy forest and, in some destinations, also some frozen rivers or lakes.

Not all the husky safaris are the same

There are different kinds of husky excursions, and you need to decide what would you like to do before hand, when you do the booking. For some people just a couple of hours could be enough, but others like to enjoy a longer one including a lunch in the wilds.

Other people prefer to combine the husky excursion with a snowmobile ride, or even visiting the husky farm by reindeer sled. These are also good options, specially if you want to save some time and money combining two activities in one. But be aware that when you combine the husky activity, this become shorter, and in these activities you will ride the husky sled for about 500m…. but quite fast!


Author: Julián Amorrich

A Spanish happily living in Lapland for the last 14 years. Passionate about Finland and her nature. Working in tourism, at Lapland Safaris, running on the forest no matter the weather, writing at and

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