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About the author of this post: My name is Arina. I am a second year Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management student in Lapin AMK. Originally, I am from Saint Petersburg. Apart from travelling, I have been always passionate about art, its history and contemporary movements. Back in my hometown Saint Petersburg, I was always visiting all kinds of art and cultural events. When I moved to Rovaniemi I was eager to explore local art life as well 

Throughout the time, art has been representing every day’s people life and current events. So which main characteristics distinguish Finnish contemporary art among the other scenes?

If you look at the main concepts and movements of art in the North, you can see influences of silence, cold climate, and untouched nature with a mixture of typical for Finnish mentality straightforwardness. Another feature is a great use of new technologies especially photographers, video and media tools.

Nature, Northern Lights, safaris, reindeer…those are the words that usually come to mind when one thinks about Lapland. But what about art? Contemporary art? Art is a global phenomenon that exists in every place in the world. So what about art in the destination of the snow and Arctic? Where should you go to see Lappish Art? Here is small overview of the main art spaces in Rovaniemi and its surroundings.

Korundi Museum

Art museum in Lapland

Korundi, house of culture (Picture source: Arina Zhukova)

Korundi is a cultural center, which comprises of Museum of Contemporary Art and Lapland Chamber Orchestra. The museum has its permanent exhibition as well as it hosts temporary events including exhibitions, workshops, seminars and many others. Such events as Arctic Design Week and Draw Now (the largest exhibition of contemporary drawing in Finland) takes place at Korundi.

The museum is located next to the shopping center Rinne and it is open on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun 11.00 – 18.00. Average price for the ticket for an adult is 8euros (reduced prices for kids, students and seniors are available). Moreover, every Thursday the museum is open for free for all the visitors from 18.00 to 20.00. Come and enjoy some pieces of art after an active day!

More about Korundi, house of culture.

Artist’s Association of Lapland

One of the most significant representors of contemporary art in Lapland, in particular, as well as in Finland in general. It was founded in 1990 and has over 100 members. The Association runs two galleries: Gallery Napa in Rovaniemi and Gallery Kellokas in Ylläs. The main goal of the Association is to promote authentic Lappish art in Finland as well as abroad.

Gallery Napa

Exhibition Gallery Napa

Art made in Lapland (Picture source: Arina Zhukova)

The Gallery is a part of Artist’s Association of Lapland.  Most of the exhibitions are temporary. New opening happens every 3 weeks. All the artists are from different parts of Finland. Artworks include paintings, photographs as well as video and some installations.

Gallery is located near the city center next to the Korundi Museum and the bus station. Opening hours are from Mon to Thurs from 12.00 – 18.00, Fri and Sat 12.00-16.00. Entrance to the most exhibitions is free! So it is a great opportunity to diversify your winter-extreme holidays with exploring local art!

Gallery Kellokas

The Gallery is runed by Artist’s Association of Lapland. Around 6-7 temporary exhbitions are presented during the year.  The Gallery is located in fabulous nature surrondings so it can be a perfect addition to the sport activities.



Arktikum is well known for its science center and for a museum of Lapland Culture. Permanent exhibition shows the life of indigenous people, local flora and fauna as well as global climate changing. Apart from that, temporary exhibitions include drawings, photographs, video installations, and sculptures. Moreover, not only well known Finnish artists exhibit there but also art students of Lapland University. Nice opportunity to get a glimpse of young artists works!

Museum is open: Tue-Sun 10am-6pmand ticket is about 7-12e.

Arktikum museum (Picture source: Arina Zhukova)

Performance art (Picture source: Arina Zhukova)

More about Arktikum Museum.

Performing Art Centre Lapland

The Art Centre was founded in 2009 by the group of Drama instructors, actors, dancers, musicians, circus artists, writers, and producers who represent the whole region of Lapland. Main goal is to promote Lappish performing art and artists.

Big number of talented artists are representing Finnish Art. They are truly playing great role in the international artistic scene in different spheres and genres. Some of the great artists that I would recommend to check out:


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