A full day living Lapland

It was our first day in Rovaniemi, we landed the night before at -36 degrees and we immediately went into the taxi, which took us to the door of our house. The next morning, while we had breakfast in the kitchen, we saw the dim sunlight on the horizon almost like a mirage. Even though it was nine o’clock in the morning, there were still three hours until dawn and the darkness predominated in the sky.

The polar night in Finland extends almost until middle of January, leaving only three or four hours of whitish light that is confused with the blanket of snow on the houses, the cars, the mountains, as if the sky had come down to clothe the earth.

At last we were at Rovaniemi and a whole day was waited for us with Lapland Safari’s guys living Lapland at a full activity that filled us with illusion as we would never have imagined. We were going to ride snowmobiles, to live the Sami experience, to ride reindeer sleigh, to meet Santa Claus and to visit the Santa Claus Village.

Snowmobile Safari

We crossed the door of Lapland Safaris as if we entered into another world, there began our immersion day in Finnish Lapland.

Soon we put on the snow suits, two pairs of socks, snow boots, two scarves, two ski-masks, the gloves, the mittens and the helmet. Temperatures were almost as low as the previous night and we had to be well equipped to spend the whole day out and not freeze.

We had been waiting to drive snowmobiles for a long time and until today we had not had the chance, so we took care of the explanations of our guide with special greed, and literally jumped on the snowmobiles to get going.

We are ready to cross Kemi river by snowmobiles

We are ready to cross Kemi river by snowmobiles

We were advancing in a straight line across the frozen Kemi River, leaving plenty of distance between the snowmobiles. The white mantle stretched in front of us until invade all our vision, the immensity of the polar white causes an attraction similar to the vastness of the sea and you can stay absorbed watching it for a long time.

Samis at Lapland

Finally, after about twenty minutes, we arrived at our destination, a place next to the lake, surrounded by trees, with two wooden houses and a small fence where the reindeers were.

At the door, our hostess Sami was waiting for us, with a quiet smile, she was greeting to everyone as we entered the house. We sat around the fire and as we warmed up, she sang a traditional chant while joking with us.

Sami woman was waiting for us in the reindeer farm

Sami woman was waiting for us in the reindeer farm

With a great sense of humor he managed to convey that relaxed air, in harmony with the nature that is breathed in the attitude of the Finns of Lapland.

Now that we were relaxing, we went out to see the reindeers and Santa Claus!

The reindeer sleigh was waiting for us. We went into the sled and immediately they began to walk guided by their shepherd. It is amazing the link that develops shepherds and reindeer, Sami people have always been closely linked to nature and for them, reindeer is a way of life and a pillar of their culture.

Reindeers are very important for Sami people

Reindeers are very important for Sami people

After a brief run around the enclosure, we got off the sled and our guide took us to a house in the back, where Santa Claus was waiting for us.

Knowing Santa Claus

We impressed to go into the room and see him there sitting in the background, in his shirt sleeves and his red vest, a beard of snow-white curls hanging below his knees and an expression of full happiness.

While it’s true that there are many Santa Claus, but that moment when you sit next to him and talk to you, it’s an only moment.

After that, we left the cabin, it was time to eat and so many emotions open the appetite, luckily we were expecting a delicious traditional food. It was our Christmas lunch in Lapland.

Visit to Santa Claus Village

We returned to the Lapland Safaris office by snowmobiles. It had been a full morning of experiences and had flown by, but we still had one more thing. I had almost forgotten that we were taken to Santa Claus Village by bus! As a colophon, we visit this complex where you can find millions of items of Santa Claus, besides getting your certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle.

When we arrived it was already dark and it was all lit up with Christmas decorations. Santa Claus Village seemed us a magical place where we also visited Santa Claus and bought some souvenirs, it is worthwhile that you enter Santa’s house and cross again the Arctic Polar Circle.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

We returned to Lapland Safaris a little later than four o’clock in the afternoon, and we were staring into each other’s faces, unable to believe everything we had seen. It had been one day immersed in Finnish Lapland.

Author: La gran escapada

This is Eli & Mar's blog, two girls who love travel and discover fantastic places and corners, especially if they include nature and adventure. Their motto? Any getaway, even next to your house, could be 'La gran escapada'.

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  1. Hi..
    Such a wonderful trip you had.
    May u share your trip? as me going with family this Dec, do you took your package thru Lapland Safaris or others agency?
    Which accomodation does you stay? is it BNB or cottage?
    Did they pickup you from your place to the activities?
    You stay and do all the activities in Rovaniemi or Levi?
    Whatz the different?

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    • Hi Sue,

      Of course, it is a pleasure to share our trip with you! It was a fantastic trip! We are sure Finnish Lapland will be a fabulous experience for you and your family, December is the Christmas month and it is perfect.

      We chose a BNB apartment in Rovaniemi (15 minutes walk from city center). We wanted more independence and to be able to go to the Lapland Safaris office by foot. However, if you prefer, there are a lot of hotels in the city center, a couple of minutes from Lapland offices.

      Yes, we booked all activities with Lapland Safaris. They have a lot of type of excursions with very good scheduling. And yes, we did all activities in Rovaniemi. Levi is another city and we were not there. Next link has detailed info about Santa Claus Safari https://www.laplandsafaris.com/en/component/travius/72

      To do Lapland Safaris activities there are several meeting points,

      – 50 minutes before the departure Santa Claus Holiday Village & Snowman World receptions
      – 45 minutes before the departure Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets reception
      – 40 minutes before the departure Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara & Santasport receptions
      – 30 minutes before the departure Lapland Safaris Office, Koskikatu 1

      If you choose stay in other accommodation than listed above, the meeting point is at their office (30 minutes before).

      When the activity finish, they return you at the same meeting point which they picked up you and, as additional information, if you have booked different activities, you can keep the equipment (snow clothes) they provide you, until next activity.

      Feel free to ask us all information you need for planing your holidays in family! :)

      Best regards!
      Eli & Mar

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      • Hi Eli & Mar

        its me again, soon my trip to Finland and Rovaniemi, Dec.
        My worried and concerned is changes on dark spot on face mayb due weather.
        Last year, Nov 2016, i went to Portugal and Spain. Unfortanately my face especially forehead black dark, till now still not dissappear.
        i need your advice, what to prevent and protect my face?
        what to use? any recommendation what type of cream or any others?
        Or do you have any other advise?
        Thanks so much
        Nov 3rd, 2017

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        • Hi again Sue!

          Yes!! Your trip is so close!!! :) We are sure, it will be magic!!

          No worries about sun exposition. In December there is only 2 or 3 hours of light.

          About cold, we advise you to use creams with a high level of humidity in order to keep your face most moisturized as possible, and so, to drink a lot of liquids.We always carry out a small bottle of water with us.

          For your lips, don´t forget a special balsam or lip balm to ensure your lips have sufficient moisture.

          We hope our tips are useful. :) If you have any others concerns, don´t hesitate to ask us!

          Kisses from Madrid.

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          • Thanks to both of you.
            For your experience,
            what brand or kind of moiture cream?Can give me the name of the cream?
            Im very scared cuz its happen last year and the dark black on my forehead still doesnot dissappear,
            Appreciate of the guidelines.

  2. Hi Eli & Mar
    First of all, thanks for quick response.

    We are too prefer staying in BNB and be independent. Thats good location in Rovaniemi city area. What is the name of your BNB in airbnb? Mayb i could have alook and consider.
    Is it sufficient 4nights in Rovianiemi? As we intend to visit Santa Claus in the village too.

    Beside Rovianiemi, we plan of visit Sweden and Norway. Have you all being there?
    Is there anything you need to advise and suggest me on my planning of this trip?
    This will be our first time to Scandinavian country and snow activities.

    Once again thanks so much.

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