Hours of daylight in Lapland

It is another of those million euros questions: How many hours of daylight do we have in Lapland? It will depend when and where we are.

Anyway, the topic of six months 24h hours of daylight and six months of 24h of night is just that, a topic far away from reality.

Around Decemeber and January we will experience the shortest days, and during June and July we dont switch on the lights at home.

Both periods, during the shortest days in winter and the midnight sun in summer, are very exotic for the travellers.

Check the chart in this post to see how many hours of  daylight you will enjoy when you visit us. The chart is based in Rovaniemi, but it  is a good reference for other destinations in Lapland too.

Source: chart from El blog de Finlandia (in Spanish)

Author: Julián Amorrich

A Spanish happily living in Lapland for the last 14 years. Passionate about Finland and her nature. Working in tourism, at Lapland Safaris, running on the forest no matter the weather, writing at www.elblogdefinlandia.com and www.onedayless.com

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